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A Focus on Daily Living Skills

Brass Castle Human Services’ day program is located at 122 South Main Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.


Our day program offers year-round day support designed specifically for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program emphasizes functional life skills, personal management, community involvement, and domestic and recreational/leisure activities. Individuals age 18 to 59 are eligible to join.

An interdisciplinary team develops an individual support plan (ISP).

The team is composed of:

  • Individual

  • Direct Care Staff

  • Program Specialists

  • The Individual’s Family or Guardian

  • Advocates

  • A Representative From the Funding Agency


The mission of the program is for each person to progress to their highest level of independence. Individuals participating in our day program have opportunities to explore different experiences in all areas of their life. Some experiences include self-help, housekeeping/domestic, gross motor, fine motor, sensory stimulation, socialization, communication, and pre-vocational tasks.


The ratio of our staff to program participants ranges between 1:1 and 1:5, depending on the level of service required. Each individual works toward their goals to gain as much independence as possible. This program allows each person to have an active part in creating a meaningful day.

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